Great Lakes Ski Academy

A Hard Day of TrainingGreat Lakes Ski Academy (GLSA) is a non-profit club dedicated to producing world class Alpine skiers and world class citizens.

Our "home hill" is Marquette Mountain, located along the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. The skiing environment is ideal. Marquette Mountain is two miles from downtown Marquette and offers more than 600 vertical feet of challenging terrain, day and night skiing, two Federation of International Skiing (FIS) certified slalom runs and demanding giant slalom runs.

GLSA has an experienced coaching staff, high quality training equipment and small training groups. Head coach, Wendy Maas, has 30 plus years of experience and she has qualified many athletes to the Children's World Championships during her career. Athletes, families, coaches and the Marquette community are all enriched with GLSA.


Nathan Soria, 46 skaters touches in 10 sec at Loveland Thanksgiving camp 2013

Great Lakes Ski Academy was formed in 1994 by concerned coaches, parents, athletes and community members who wanted to advance the winning spirit and drive that characterizes all great athletic programs. The board continues to encourage a balanced approach providing each student athlete with opportunities to distinguish themselves on regional and national scales and to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of sportsmanship, scholarship and teamwork.

Since its inception, GLSA athletes have enjoyed great success. Proudly, Great Lakes Alpine racers have competed:

  • On Team Central
  • On Central Development Team
  • In the North American Championships and the U.S. Nationals
  • At the Whistler Cup International Race
  • "New Comers" Trip
  • In the Topolino Games Children's World Championships in Italy
  • On college race teams
  • In high school meets
  • On high school championship teams and as individual high school champions

The vast majority of GLSA skiers annually qualify for the Central/Rocky Junior Olympics.