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Program Overview

FEES for 2018-19 have not been finalized.


Great Lakes Ski Academy General Information for the 2017 -2018 Season


  • Overview of the available Programs:


USSA Full  Program:

This program is designed for those athletes interested in competing at the USSA Level. The United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) alpine ski racing program offers a network of competitive opportunities for ski racers of all ages from coast to coast. The country is split into three geographic racing regions including West, Rocky/Central, and Eastern. The USSA Central Division is part of the Rocky/Central Region. There are four local regions within the Central Division. GLSA competes in the Central Division- Region 2 which includes; The Upper Peninsula of Michigan west of Route 77, Wisconsin, Iowa east of Route 63, Illinois, and Missouri. There are usually about 5-6 races held per season in Region 2. 

This program includes unlimited training, race representation at 3 USSA race weekends (to be determined by the coaches) and Christmas camp.



The International Ski Federation, is for athletes at least 16 years and older by December 31st and offers more competitive ski racing opportunities.

This program includes unlimited training, race representation at 3 USSA race weekends and 4 FIS race weekends (which races will be determined by the coaches) and Christmas camp.


The DEVO program is designed for MMRT Racers who desire to increase their amount of time in structured skill-based training. This training will be an addition to MMRT training.  GLSA DEVO skiers must be 7 to 9 years of age and have at least one year of experience in MMRT, with MMRT coaches verification of readiness for GLSA training. Practices will be held on Wednesday from 4:15 - 6 PM and Sunday from 11 AM - 1 PM. COST: $250. Registration for DEVO will be capped at 10 skiers, on a first come basis.  DEVO will operate if five or more skiers register.


Training Only: This program is designed for athletes who want training only. Athletes who want to race should consider the USSA programs. Training for this group is on any day that GLSA trains. Coaches reserve the right to determine eligibility/ability for each group.


College Training: This program is for NMU ski team members.



Your personal fees for Travel, lodging, lift tickets and food are not included in any of the GLSA program fees.


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